Combination SEO & Social Media Package

For those who are looking for a SEO package and social media, we have come up with the right combination that makes for the best lead generation tool from any of the SEO packages out there. Our SEO package does wonders for your website and traffic in the shortest time. Industry Army Marketing (I.A.M) Combi package is affordable and can surely make a big difference from as little as $100 a month.

Getting the most out of online marketing

Our Combi package consists of social media, NEWS releases and even user value our affordable prices and coverage to get the NEWS out. Your website gets the ultimate exposure and better rankings along with incredible branding.

Power Of The Press Release

Press releases give SEO authority with your brand , Google news, and search engine pages. News bookmarking is a powerful way to let search engines know that you mean more than business. This is done with a careful eye within the industry you serve and working closely with our content writers and SEO consultants. Once you make the NEWS in Google your site is indexed instantly in Google NEWS.

Social Media With A Boom

I.A.M can add a multiplier to your website with the best social bookmarking. It can be a unique way to let search engines know that your website is valuable. This is done closely with our Social Media experts and you and your staff to come up with the best tools to capture your tribe following your industries goods or services. Seth Godin taught the marketing world well, lets follow his permission marketing idea and give it away, to make your tribe grow bigger and faster than your competitors lets build a contest your tribe will ove to sign up for. Our team and your team will work closely to bring a contest that will spread like wild fire on the Internetregular updates on the Google plus page with a link building campaign to your website. Order our services and see why at I.A.M say’s “We Make Business Boom!” and order today for traction in less than 6 weeks.